Mintex Braking

Braking with tradition

For over 100 years, the Mintex brand has consistently demonstrated a commitment to ongoing product development – a philosophy that exists to this day and helps Mintex to stay ahead of the competition.

Mintex friction – Engineered for quality

At TMD Friction we pride ourselves on producing technically advanced products. Each and every product has been developed in the spirit that Mintex is renowned for:

  • Optimum Performance
  • Unsurpassed product range
  • Development Know How since 1908

Times and automotive technology may have changed and evolved through the generations but Mintex‘s commitment to safe braking has stood firm since 1908. Today, Mintex products are fitted on millions of cars across the world. From Superminis to SUVs, Mintex is the name behind the brakes keeping families and motorsport champions safe every day.

Mintex as a brand has evolved, not just through technology to keep at the forefront of the increasingly complex braking systems on a modern day car, but also as a brand itself. The many changing faces of the brand over the last 100 years have played an important role in keeping Mintex in the minds of people. Mintex continues to evolve, keeping an ever increasing number of people safe on today’s roads.

Brake Pads

In a global car market where values depreciate quickly, Mintex brake pads are developed and engineered to meet a significant demand for cost-effective braking solutions that deliver the optimum balance between performance and extended service life, by providing quality products at affordable prices.

Brake Discs

The Mintex range of brake discs is engineered to precise tolerances from advanced alloys for improved resistance to high temperatures.

Shoes and Shoe Kits

Developed to the same high level standards as the Mintex disc brake pads, Mintex brake shoes offer market-leading performance for drum brake applications. Mintex brake shoe kits are the preferred choice when it comes to quick and easy installation.

Brake Drums

Precision casting and finishing provides consistent levels of quality and stable braking performance across the Mintex drum range

Accessories and Wear indicators

Essential for professional brake fitment, the Mintex range of brake system accessories has been introduced to complement the brake pad range and ensure that worn or damaged caliper clips and springs can be replaced during brake maintenance.


Mintex Cera Tec is an advanced no-metallic lubricant. It protects against scoring and corrosion, helps to reduce brake noise and is suitable for ABS / ESP equipped vehicles. The Mintex brake fluid range covers all DOT specifications for use with drum, disc and ABS / ESP equipped vehicles.